Equality Objectives 2021-2024

The Trust has adopted the Equality Objectives listed below. Progress on achieving these will be reported on annually, using information from the Trust and from each school.

Promote a whole school approach to staff and student health and mental well-being and develop appropriate intervention where necessary.

Ensure staff, Governors and Trustees are aware of current legislation surrounding equality and diversity and understand each school’s and the Trust’s responsibilities and receive annual training to promote this awareness.

Promote equality, diversity and inclusion across our staff body during recruitment, selection or promotion processes. This will be achieved in several ways, including promoting flexible working, transparency in the gender pay gap and training for staff to eliminate any unconscious bias in recruitment.

Ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all students, regardless of ability or disability. This includes physical aspects of the school environment and differentiation in teaching and learning in the classroom.

Actively close the gaps in attainment and progress for all vulnerable groups of children, especially gaps between boys and girls, students eligible for Pupil Premium, students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Looked after children and children from minority groups.

For more information see our Equalities Policy.